So it actually took me another day to pick up the other two legs for the table. I swung by Lowe’s and picked them up in the morning yesterday. Then I got home and realized that I did not have any woodworking clamps. Back to Lowe’s I went, and found these:

This kit which costs the same as one of the 4′ clamps did exactly what I needed. Which was act as many extra hands. I had thrown together a quick cutting fence out of 2 x 4’s.

homemand ingenuity
a few quick cuts and some counter sunk holes and I created the perfect fence to get all of my cuts done

I cut down the 3 x 3’s to 29 1/4″ to set the final table height at 30″.

quick cut and out of the way


As seen above the Irwin clamps were invaluable in these tasks. As I trimmed the support braces I also used the KregJig Jr. to prep them to be attached to each other. I realized that I got a lot of the fabrication and construction complete with out taking pictures.

piecing it all together


More to follow in the next part…


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