This is what progress looks like:

unfinished table you might not be able to tell but thats a table, built by me!

Thanks to Rayan and her site The Design Confidential and the plans that she publishes for use with the KregJig I was able to build this table. Above is the unfinished assembled table. In my last post I ha the legs and some of the framing done:

piecing it all togetherAll that was left of the frame is the last side piece and the center struts which I needed to add the pocket holes.

handy helpers and the side struts


After putting in the side piece I drilled and clamped the center struts into place for drilling.

pocket whole screwing center strutsI had set the depth wrong on some of the pocket wholes as can be seen in the above picture but the final result was perfect.

aseembled and completed frameSo with some wood glue and more than a few pocket wholes the result is exactly what I wanted. I clamped and weighted the table over night for the glue to cure:

the table weighted and clamped for glue curingMore to follow in the next post.






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