So a few weeks ago I got out of bed and tripped over my wireless router. All of the devices require to run the internet, telephone, and DirecTV sit next to my bed on the floor. I got fed up and created the interwebs box. In my haste to complete the project and make the box, I forgot to make a video to a write up for the project.

Luckly, my wife was so thrilled with the box that I made she wanted one as well.

The first box turned out well and held all of the objects that I needed it to.

Neat and orderly on the front.
Hiding all the unsightly mess of electronics in the back.










So using the SketchUp model that I designed (linked below with US measurements) I took to the shop to create a second box.


I took some 3/4″ plywood that I had from the first project and cut all the pieces that I would need. Then I drilled my pocket holes for assembly.


With the pocket holes drilled it was then simply a matter of gluing and screwing the pieces together.  I am a big fan of gluing and then using clamps to hold the work pieces together while I add the pocket hole screws. I find that this will prevent the pieces from moving around. ensuring square and true assembly.


Then I took a piece of the 3/4″ plywood and ripped it at 45 degrees. This piece is what will allow me to had the box on the wall. The “french cleat” uses to wedges to hold and object on the wall.

The net effect of the french cleat is that your objects seem to “float” with out any mounting hardware.


In the process of making the new box I took the time to pull the other box down and add a switch and some LED strips to the box creating some indirect lighting to read by.


I wont force you to pay for the design but I would appreciate any donations towards the site to allow me to do more projects in the future. PayPal link on the right.

InterWebs Box SketchUp File

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French Cleated Wall Box