I dont have a project from this week to post but I wanted to take the time to address a few projects that I had already completed.

Before we get started here is my disclaimer:

I am not a licensed electrician. I am familiar with the National Electric 
Code (NEC), but do not by any means know or understand all of the codes within.
Some codes are specific to your town or state. I don't make any claims to the 
safety of the my installation methods, nor that they fully comply with the NEC.
This post is meant as an inspirational guide only and should not be acted on 
without consulting the NEC or a qualified and licensed electrician.

thanks to AmateurDYI for your disclamier.

Bias Lighting

I am a IT professional by trade and most of the folks I work with like to have the lights off in our work space. so my boss and I took a day and gave everyone bias lighting for their monitors. I posted a picture with an example of my bial lighting on instagram a few months ago.

An all #cli day

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I was never quite happy with the set up. so i did some research and found that most monitors and TV’s are calibrated to 6500k color temperature. So to get the best effect from bias lighting you need to be putting that 6500k light on the wall behind the TV. HowToGeek has a nice article that explains why you should do this below.

What Bias Lighting Is and Why You Should Be Using It

So I ordered all the materials that I would need for the project:




I used our living room television as my example because I like to watch TV in the dark. Using the double sided tape I attached the transformer to a blank space on the back of the TV. I used the wire from @ColorCord for my 110v. (If you are uncomfortable with electricity please consult a local electrician to help you with your projects involving power.) I also attached two strips of 6500k LEDS one to the top and one to the bottom of the back Of the TV like this:

the top strip of LED's
the top strip of LED’s

I then soldered some 18 gauge wire to the LED’s and attached them to the transformer.

all wired up and ready to go

Then it was time for an operations test. I plugged them in.

nice and brite
nice and brite

The effect during the day time creates a nice effect and dramatically improves the picture at night.


To give you a better comparison here id before and after side by side:

Before and After
Before and After

I have been experimenting with a 5v relay to turn the lights on and off when the TV turns on and off via usb. The relay I purchased was bad so I am waiting for the new one to come in. So there should be an update to this project in the future.

The Bookshelf Project

When we moved in to this house we managed to lose a bookshelf so now we have many more books than we have shelves. This is frustrating and makes our office feel cluttered.

Both of our Overloaded Bookshelves
Both of our Overloaded Bookshelves

So my plan is to build three modular 2′ x 6′ x 10″ shelves. so that here we can have them around the house separately and hopefully at our next house we can have them together as one unit. Designs and Video to come.

Work Hard and Be Safe, but Make Useful Things!

Bias Lighting and Upcoming Projects – 2015 Week 16